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Rhododendrons, planting and care

Rhododendrons prefer a cool spot in the garden with dappled shade, although they will tolerate full sun as long as they are kept moist during dry spells, a general rule is that the smaller the leaf the more sun tolerant the bush will be.These flowering beauties like to grow in acidic, free draining soil, they are shallow rooters and can even be grown on top of the soil in a good mound of mulch if your soil is not free draining. Good mulches to use are pine needles (these are great because they a...

July 14, 2018

How to plant roses in winter

When planting roses from May through to August, dig a hole slightly wider and deeper than the pot, add half a handful of blood and bone in the bottom of the hole.  Place your rose into the hole with a good margin between the graft or crown of the rose (where the branches are growing from) and the top of the soil to allow room to apply mulch over the soil. You want to make sure there is good air flow around the crown of the rose to help reduce disease later. Press the soil down firmly around...

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