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We stock many varieties of Hydrangea- Princess Julianna, Matilda Gutges, Miss Begium, Ticolour, Nigra, Alba, Bridal Bouquet, Renate Steinager, General Patton, Annabel, Quercifolia Pee Wee, Libelle, Madame Bardsee, Piniculata Candlelight, Lime light, to name some.


Large variety of Hydrangeas available- All acclimatised to our area.

Plants for Hedging or mixed planting

Plants for hedging, mixed plantings, etc

Viburnum Eve Price, Viburnum Emerald Beauty, Griselinia littoralis, Griselinia Canterbury, Griselinia Broadway Mint, Choisya Aztec pearl, Choisya ternata, Escallonia Red, Escallonia White, Escallonia Apple blossom, Corokia Frosted Chocolate, Corokia Geentys green, Phebalium, Photinia Red Robin, Prunus lusitanica Portuguese Laurel, Laurus Nobilis Bay tree

All acclimatised to our area.

Photinia Red Robin


Escallonia Pink Pyramid

Phormiums, Lavender, grasses, Dianella, Libertia, Pittosporum, Escallonia.....

Plants for Hedging or mixed planting

1litre grade plants- ideal plants for hedging and mixed planting. We stock a variety of plants in the 1ltr grade. 

Phormium, Grasses, Pittosporum

Fuscospora fusca- Red Beech

Nice as a specimen tree, clips well to a tall formal hedge. Suits a cool, moist, sheltered site with deep,  well-drained soil. Evergreen. Hardy. 

NZ Natives

A good variety of NZ native plants available

Pittosporum, Red Beech, Kohwai, Phormium, Hebe, Corokia, Toi toi, Acaena, Carex, Grasses, Coprosma, 


Kowhai- They are best known for their brilliant yellow flowers that appear in profusion in Spring and stand out among the forest greenery. Attracts Birds/Bees. Frost hardy and moderately wind and drought tolerant. They do not grow well on hard or waterlogged soils, being best on moderately fertile sites. 

Pittosporum Green Ball

Compact form of Pittosporum, grows in a ball shape about 1mx1m.  Low maintenance. Ideal as a low growing hedge or as a feature container plant. Plant in full sun or semi-shade where soils are free-draining. Hardy

Coprosma- Dark Spire

Dark bronze foliage that forms an upright, conical shape. Ideal as a low hedge or a contrasting colour in the garden. Tolerant of most soils, coastal sites and is drought tolerant once established. Sun to semi-shade. Evergreen. Hardy. Height 1-2m

Phormium- Rainbow Queen

This hardy and attractive ornamental flax forms clumps of broad bronze-green leaves edged with pink. Looks great by itself or when planted en masse. . Tolerates extreme heat, salt and drought. Evergreen. Hardy to cold.

Height 1m-1m

Several varieties of Hebes

Hebes are a true gem in the garden. We stock several varieties, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs. Hebe shrubs are extremely versatile, easily thriving in many conditions and just as easy to maintain. These fabulous shrubs are evergreen, some varieties have small leaves while others are large. Foliage varies in gold, bronze, burgundy and green colours with blooming summer to autumn and some varieties in winter. 

Loropetalum China Pink

This charming, evergreen shrub has all year round appeal with its classy burgundy wine foliage and pretty china pink flowers throughout spring. Its dense and spreading habit look spectacular mass planted amongst courtyards and containers requiring little if any maintenance. 

Great gap filler, Hardy and evergreen, Very easy care, H1.5mx1.5m
Will tolerate most climatic situations throughout New Zealand

Pittosporum tenuifolium variegatum

Corokia Geentys Green

Corokia are fantastic as a hedging plant with dense easily trimmed foliage, tolerating coastal, exposed situations. Evergreen. Sun to semi-shade.  It is an ideal plant for low hedges or as a background shrub and looks equally good in native gardens as well as used in formal gardens where it can be trained into hedges. It needs full sun and is best in a dry situation. Particularly hardy to dry, windy locations.


Coleonema Sunset Gold

Fragrant, bright golden yellow foliage all year round, which may change to a lime-yellow in the winter months. In spring masses of pale pink flowers appear. Its low growth habit gives good coverage over your garden. This is one of the best foliage plants you can choose for the garden. Plant in full sun for best foliage colour. Great for hot dry areas.

Height 40cm x Width 1m

Thuja Smaragd

Semi-dwarf, evergreen shrub with a compact, narrowly pyramidal habit.  Glossy bright green, scale-like foliage in flat sprays.  Easily grown in average, medium, well drained soil in full sun to part shade.  Foliage density loosens up in too much shade.  Great planted as a specimen or used as a hedge.  Grows to H 2-3m x W 1.2m

Pyracantha Brilliant

Attractive shiny green foliage covered in clusters of small white flowers through summer. This tall  shrub is engulfed in scarlet red berries through winter. Great background plant adding contrast to gardens. Great as a hedge and good security with its thorns, Full sun, Frost hardy, 

H 2mx W 1.5m


Ceanothus Blue Sapphire- Roweanus

Californian Lilac- Ceanothus needs little in the way of special care but response well to a regular prune. This keeps them tidy and in a good shape. They like a sunny spot in well draining soil.  Easy care and colourful planting, very hardy.

Useful plant for hot and dry banks.
A nice filler shrub for summer colour.
Colourful addition for mixed gardens.

Nandina Fire Power

This heavenly evergreen is renowned for its contrasting foliage colour throughout the seasons. Its non-invasive bamboo foliage changes from pale lime green and yellow in spring to vivid pinks and reds, then to rich deep red tones in autumn. Ideal for rockeries, mass planted and in pots. Very easy care.Compact and evergreen shrub. Drought Tolerant Once Established. 60cmx60cm

Camellia Fairy Blush hybrid

We have good numbers in stock.

A profusion of deep-pink buds open to single, white flowers

 that are blushed pink around the edges. Strongly-scented. Flowers from late-autumn to early-spring. Makes a superb small hedge. Full sun or semi-shade. Evergreen. Full sun - shade. Grows best in free draining soil, rich in organic matter.  Grows around 3 x 1m

Camellia Cinnamon Cindy sasanqua

We have good numbers in stock 

Flowers through winter and spring the bush is covered  with fragrant white flowers with a pink tinge on petal edges and back. Hardy. Prefers a sheltered site with good soil, though will tolerate dry conditions.  Frost hardy / Grows in sun or semi-shade. Makes a great hedge or good specimen. Grows to H 2m x W 1.5m

Camellia Silver Dollar sasanqua

Medium sized, pure white ruffled double flowers that appear in Autumn and early Winter.  Slow growing but dense upright habit making for an ideal low hedge.  Best grown in full sun or bright filtered light Hardy.  Grows to H 1.5m x W 1.5m

Camellia Hiryu sasanqua

We have good numbers in stock

Erect growing shrub with dark green glossy foliage. The bright cerise red flowers are very colourful against the foliage. Abundant flowers early winter to spring. Hardy plant,grows in sun or semi-shade, prefers good soil that does not get too dry. Grows to H 2m x W 1.5m 

Camellia Setsugekka sasanqua

We have good numbers of these

One of NZ's favourite Camellias and deservedly so. An abundance of large wavy white blooms with prominent yellow stamens appear in early autumn through to early winter. The blooms are softly scented. Ideal for hedging.Happiest in semi-shade. Evergreen. Grows quite quickly


Camellia Rainbow

Sasanqua. Early season. Medium white single flowers with a wide red border. Strong dense upright habit, making an excellent hedge. Sun tolerant, early flowering. 2.0 x 1.5m


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