Floribunda, soft porcelain pink blooms that cover the whole bush with their profuse display. Strong healthy plant with good disease resistance, with glossy darker green foliage. 

Height 1m

A Moment in Time

Floribunda- Elegant blush champagne blooms, old world flower form. Healthy easy care rose with outstanding foliage. Ideal for your garden or bouquet. Fragrant.

Height 1m

Absolutely Fabulous

A brilliant butter yellow floribunda with the blooms having an old fashioned rose appearance. Delightfully fragrant, compact bush habit, exceptionally healthy, idea rose for mass planting.

Height 1m 

Angel Face

This gorgeous floribunda rose freely produces clusters of fragrant lavender-mauve flowers with petals edged with a deeper shade. Highly fragrant. upright bush, dark, leathery green foliage.

Height 90cm

Best Wishes


A stunning display of deep rich yellow flowers on a plant that is super healthy and quick to repeat. A very vigorous healthy grower with a tidy upright growth habit.

 1.5m height

Best Friend

Hybrid Tea

 Very fragrant double flowers deep pink.  Very healthy dark green foliage. Always in flower. 

height 1.5m

Dear One

Floribunda, grows to 1m tall, soft porcelain pink, repeat flower, Nicely perfumed.

Delightful Lady

Hybrid Tea. A rose of creamy-white tinged with pale pink. Long buds open into flowers of classic form, ideal for picking. Mild fragrance and repeat flowering, semi glossy foliage. Height 1.2m.

Everlasting Love


Everlasting Love, grows to 1m tall, scarlet, repeat flower, very disease resistant. Good picking rose blooms last well. No Fragrance.

Eyes for You


Eyes for you, grows to 1.3m tall, lilac pink with purple center, repeat flower and fragrant.

Faithful Friend

Hybrid Tea

Faithful Friend, grows to 1.1m tall, golden apricot flowers in flushes throughout the season. Rich glossy green foliage.

First Love

Hybrid Tea

First Love, grows to .9m tall, light pink, repeat flower and mild fragrance. Very elegant, tall grower, well known for its cut flower, one of the best.


Fond Memories


Fond Memories, grows to 1.1m tall, honey peach, repeat flower, strong fragrance and very disease resistant.

In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory. Non stop clusters of red flowers and lush green growth are produced all season. This upright bushy plant is a top garden performer.  Height 1.2m

Lasting Love

Hybrid Tea

Lasting Love, grows to 90cm, dark red, repeat flower with strong fruity fragrance. Disease resistant glossy foliage. 

Lest we Forget


Lest We Forget, grows to 80cm tall, rich velvety red, mild fragrance. Repeats well from summer to autumn and lasts well when picked.

Love Me Do

Hybrid Tea

Love Me Do, grows to 1.3m tall, cream with peach center, repeat flower, intense sweet fragrance. Healthy glossy green foliage.

Lovely Lady

Hybrid Tea

Lovely Lady, grows to 75cm tall, rose pink, repeat flower, moderate fragrance and very disease resistant.

Loving Memory

Hybrid Tea

Large perfect blooms of cherry red colour with strong stems. A tall upright bush with glossy green foliage, moderately scented, Perfectly formed, award winning blooms on a healthy, bushy plant. 

Memorial Day

Hybrid Tea

 Super strong old rose fragrance. Exquisite clear pink blooms washed with soft lavender. Strong disease resistant growth and few thorns. 1.2 m height

Mum in a Million

Hybrid Tea

 Very strong fragrance, long stems for picking. Dark green glossy foliage that shows good disease resistance. 


My Dad

Hybrid Tea

Stunning clusters of golden yellow flowers are produced on this easy care plant with glossy foliage. The perfect rose to honour your Dad.

My Girl

Hybrid Tea

Glorious, beautifully formed blooms of rose pink, that keep their colour in the sun.Very healthy and not very thorny. Sweet fragrance. Gorgeous as a cut flower. Height 1m

My Grandma

Hybrid Tea

 Full blooms of a gorgeous rich lilac pink that have a divine, intense fragrance. High health, good vigour, easy-care plant. Height 1m

My Mum

Hybrid Tea

 Super healthy bush with an abundance of blooms, vigorous and healthy with a nice even growth habit.

Height 1.2m


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