Climbing Roses


Climbing roses should be trained from the outset to ensure they grow in the desired direction. Train the main shoots as horizontally as possible. This encourages lateral branches to appear and its these laterals that bear the flowers and provide both height and cover. (Climbers allowed to grow vertically bears its leaves and flowers at the top). Espalier of fan training is good against a wall or fence. When climbing up a pillar or tripod wind the canes around the upright posts. The ties used to attach the main stems to the supports should not be tied too tight the canes will thicken, panty hose or a fabric tie are good. 

Pruning- for the first two years climbers require very little pruning except for removing wayward shoots and to develop the desired framework of canes. Younger strong shoots are not shortened back but are attached to fan out evenly. Side growths or laterals from these canes will bear the flowers. Winter pruning for mature climbers consists of shortening laterals to 2-3 buds from the main base. Dead head regulary and occasionally remove an entire old stem and tie in a new stem to replace it.  

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