Summer Spraying


Good watering, feeding, pruning and air circulation help to keep roses healthy and disease free.  

 There are two basic methods of spraying roses throughout the growing season. 

1) Preventative spraying- spray regulary (every two weeks or so) to prevent disease from taking hold.

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2) Targetted Spraying - Spray your roses when they are attacked by a particular pest or disease. This way you can spray the most effective spray for the disease your rose has.


Aphids- spray confidor

Mites- spray with Mavrik or mite killer.

Black Spot- Neem oil, copper spray.

Powdery mildew- fungus fighter, yates Zaleton.

Rust- Copper Oxichloride. 

The old addage, prevention is better than cure applies here though, so be prepared to spray 2 or 3 times to erradicate stubborn diseases.

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