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Fruit Trees due to arrive July 2020-

Cherry Stella- self fertile, one of the best known sweet cherriesApple Blush Babe- 60cm standard, grows to just 2m in height, delicious full size crispy red fruit.Apple Autento- Dwarf apple, grows to 3m, cross between cox orange and Delgollune.Nectarine flavourzee- 60cm standard, Dwarf nectarine, mid season yellow fleshed fruit of good size and eating quality, self fertile.
Nectarine garden delight- 60cm standard, Dwarf variety, large juicy fruit, attractive large pink blossom.
Peach garden lady- Dwarf, Large yellow skinned fruit with sweet, juicy yellow flesh marked red. Freestone. Partially self fertile.
Peach Pixee- 60cm standard, Dwarf, Large red over orange skinned fruit with delicious, firm, yellow flesh. Freestone. Early to ripen. Vigorous to 1.8m.
Almond garden prince- Dwarf, A delightful little tree which is both highly ornamental and very productive. Beautiful pink spring blossom develops into medium sized sweet nuts enclosed in soft, well sealed shells.
Pear Garden Belle- Dwarf, Deliciously sweet flavoured fruit with smooth, soft flesh texture, green and mildly russetted skin. Ripens in mid summer and stores well. The first truly dwarf pear variety in NZ growing to just 3m tall. best planted next to another pear of Nashi.
Apple Granny Smith
Apple Fuji

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