Nandina- Firepower & Gulfstream


Nandina Firepower- This heavenly evergreen is renowned for its contrasting foliage colour throughout the seasons. Its no-invasive bamboo foliage changes from pale lime green and yellow in spring to vivid pinks and reds, then to rich deep red tones in autumn. Can be planted in either direct or partial sunlight, the colors will be noticeably brighter and lush with the greater amount of sun.


Nandina Gulstream-  is a hardy evergreen with a bamboo-like appearance, boasting multi-coloured foliage which turns to a rich red in cooler months. Its easy-care, compact habit and colour make it compatible with all modern home decor and garden landscapes. A magnificent plant for mass planting or using in a container. It can tolerate most climatic situations throughout New Zealand, but is best suited to direct sun in good soils. 

Grows to a height of 60cms and a width of 60cms

SKU: 10000-59

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